I think they all were set free

Yesterday, my room-mate Kesha and I decided to spend the day in the city. Just so I could see all of the tourist-attractions they have there. So there we were. Walking in the melting sun.

Among all the tourists who were taking Instagram photos next to the Opera – house. We spotted a lot of runners in the botanic garden. And som business people with suits and expensive purses.

There I was. In the middle of a huge city with people everywhere. My camera was filled up with photos. My feet were hurting because I had been stupid enough to walk with converse shoes all day.

We discussed which café we should choose until we both became so hungry that we just ended up choosing one. Both of us though the açai bowl looked amazing, but too expensive. Both of us ended up buying it anyway.

There we were. There I was. Just happy about life. And that moment I was living in right there. Right now.

All these cages, but there are no birds here. I think they all were set free.

Just a quick Australian word dictionary

Days are just passing by.

The first week at school is called “intensives” and it was very intense. There were so many things we needed to go through, and so much information! I have learned a lot already, so it was challenging and nice at the same time. Next week will fortunately be more quiet. I only have school two days.

But hey. I got a job! It is so funny. Suddenly I got a text-message in Norwegian from a flower-shop I delivered a resume to. The owner turned out to be Norwegian. If that is not enough, my colleagues speak Spanish, so it is kind of genius since I really need to practice mine.

I need to learn a lot about flowers now. But I really like it. I am learning to put them together in arrangements, and it is actually very funny!

// Where are those Opera house , Bondi-beach pictures?

To clearify. Yes. I live about 40 minutes with bus from every famous Sydney-tourist attraction you have ever heard of … Unfortunately I just haven’t had time to go there yet. I am going to, and I am going to take a lot of pictures. I promise. I just don’t know when … But stay tuned!

I have tried to make my room a little more personal with hanging up some pictures from home.

Mini Australian word dictionary

Maccas – You probably knew, or guessed that this means Mc Donalds. One of my first days here, I entered one to use their wifi, and they had named it “Wi-fry.” That made my day.

Thongs – Prenounced as tongues, which makes it really confusing. It does obviously not mean your tongue, but flip – flops. Those you have on your feet.

No worries – As I told you earlier. This is just used everywhere. I am not joking when I Say I hear this expression at least 20 times during a day.

Mate – Bro/ Friend. You knew that. I know. But it is just a funny word. Hahah.

Arvo – This afternoon. Also kind of confusing when these Aussies speak fast.

Before I left Norway, I invested in a bullet-journal. It is just so genius. I love it, and there is so many different things you can write in them! I try to keep things organized.

There are a lot of things you need to remember when you live by yourself, and not in the same house as mom and dad anymore. The bullet journal helps me with that. I use it to budget and write my time-tables. So organizing! I will probably show you more from it later.

Just a little detail in our stairs. Lavendel, one of my favorite flowers!

Have a wonderful day or night, depending on where on earth you are right now. Hehe. You will hear from me again soon! Hopefully with some fancy-er pictures in the nearest future.

Enrolment Day

From a boiling heat caused by approximately 35 °C outside, I am probably melting away faster than ice cream right now … But Hello there, dear you! ❤

I have not less than two fans behind me, blowing the same hot air around in this room. It is so hot, and I am still drinking hot coffee. I think I need to go downstairs to park myself under the air condition. Hold on a few seconds, please…

Here I am. It is somehow so much colder downstairs than in my room. Probably because the sun is constantly hitting on that side of the house. Anyways. Yesterday was Evaluation day at school. For me who is not doing a creative stream, I only had to do some practical stuff. For the creative streams there were obviously auditions going on. I am so glad that I didn`t have any of those …

Today was enrollment day with even more practical things to do. Signings of papers and so on. I did choose pathway in my stream today, which decides where my main focus will be. There were so many cool options. Even tough I wanted to do all of them, I ended up choosing youth. That means I will be working with teenagers. So. I am so excited for the following weeks. So many new things to learn and experience!

So my room – mate and I was at the mall yesterday to buy another fan (because you can never have to many of those) She is so nice by the way. We talked about delivering our resumes soon to try to get a part time job. Even tough it wasn’t really my plan to work next to my studies at first, I have to admit that some extra income would be totally fine. So yeah.

See you later alligator (which is kind of accurate because of the fact that i am actually living in the land of alligators)

3 things that fascinate me about Australia. (Arriving down under)

The streets are so beautiful here!

Dear reader. Where am I even supposed to start? I guess from the beginning. Well. The past week? There is just so much to tell you about.

We landed on Australian ground, and the heat did just hit me as a wall. Unfortunately it was not really any better inside of the house I finally arrived at a couple of hours later. Two kind girls welcomed me and showed me my room. I did not really sleep at all that night. I was totally convinced that some snake or spider was about to bite me the entire time. I survived the night tough, but at 5 am I was wide awake.


The next morning, I was introduced to the rest of the house before I went to church to the “welcome lounge.” At the Welcome lounge they had some people waiting for new students so help with every practical matter. It was also a place to get to know people, and make some new friends.

Usually church is about 5 minutes walk from my house, but I didn`t know that. Instead google showed me a rout that took 17 minutes. Believe me … the difference is huge in this heat! Wet by sweating, I finally arrived at the welcome- lounge. I got to meet some new people and we went to the mall to buy some stuff.

Getting to know people around here turned out to be fine. People are so friendly. I guess that it will take some time to make the friends that I will end up being closer with, but just during my first days here I felt so home. I really felt like I was at the right place at the right time. The whole moving has been really peaceful, and I am so thankful for that.

A few days later I went to “Summerfest” an arrangement for young adults. That was the first time I have ever been to a Hillsong meeting outside scandinavia, and it was just so good!

-Some things that fascinate me about Australia – 

Driving on the left side of the road. Even tough it is not unic for Australia (since they are doing it in UK as well) … the funny thing is that Australians need to remind themselves about it. I mean the “keep left signs” are everywhere. As if they are about to forget about their crazy driving pattern

“No worries” Probably the most common expression around here. I really love it. The culture here is just so relaxed! It`s so different than Norway, you have no idea!

Clothes. People are so funny here. You should have known how many Australians I have met wearing jeans when it`s super hot outside. Probably because they are mostly staying inside with the air-condition. But it`s just so strange to meet people with that much clothes in this heat!

School starts for real in a couple of days, and I will probably be back with some more pictures and updates for you really soon. See you later ❤

Just saying goodbye

So. I don`t really know why. But from now on, I think that I will write this blog in English. For my Norwegian readers that will probably be annoying. But I hope you survive it anyways. Google translate is always helpful tough ❤

I didn’ t sleep at all. I started realising that when my eyes opened automatically by the sound of my alarm at 4.30 Am. I was not surprised. To move your entire life across the globe is not exactly a small step. Even though I had waited for this day for so long, I didn’t really realise what was happening when my feet walked through the airport. I prefer short goodbyes. They need to be so short that my mind doesn’t have time to react to all the feelings that are dancing inside of me. With my “short- goodbye – philosophy”, mum and dad only got a short hug each. Not a melancholic remembrance speech about the fact that I am actually leaving them for an entire year. Mum cried anyway.

That didn’t exactly surprise me. But I do understand her. I cried a lot when a couple of my closest friends left me to travel out in the world. My point is not that I love my friends more than my parents, but that the feeling of being left behind is terrible. Probably a lot stronger than the one you get when you are the one leaving. Therefore I just didn’t manage to cry even a little bit when I left my closest friends or when I left my parents. Simply because my mind already were in Australia, and it had been there for a while already. 

My big sister works at the airport. She came running to say goodbye before my flight left. Of all days, her bus was too late today. Fortunately she reached to say goodby to me, I reached my flight, and I am convinced that I reached the perfect time in my life to do this. 

Long flights at overrated, or maybe they are just underrated. I don’t really know how to describe them other than “better than I imagined” I have about 2 hours left before I am at an airport somewhere outside of China that you have never heard of. After that I have about 12 hours left before I have been in the air for 26 hours in total. Well. It might be a little early to say that I love long flights .

Did I mention that I have never seen so many Chinese people at the same place my entire life? Not so weird given that I am on my way to China. But the reason I am even bothering to write about this is because of a very interesting experience. One of these stewardesses started to talk to me in Chinese. I just wanted to call that anti- racism taken to an entire new level. I am just so fascinated that my blond hair and blue eyes could be mistaken for being Chinese! 

I have tried to sleep after Australian time zone. My optemistic mind decided that it is possible to avoide jet lag. Let’s just say that it didn’t work out like that. In all different positions that it’s even possible to have in a seat in a flight, I have tried to get a few hours of sleep. The little pillow you get free on these planes are not worth anything. I lost this battle. 

I have watched “The holiday” and another movie with Brad Pitt on the fancy touch screens they have on this plane. Ah. The second meal of this trip just arrived. It was supposed to be WiFi aboard, but that didn’t work for my iPhone. Fortunately I ordered Spotify premium before I left. If it hadn’t been for my music, how would I be supposed to survive? 

Less than 24 hours left

So I managed to put my life into 2 suitcases.
I am still trying to imagine that it is less than 24 hours until I find myself in the air somewhere over the sea! Less than 24 hours until I soar over puffy clouds on my way to experience the world!

The only thing that stresses me now is really that I’m not at all stressed out. That I don’t feel more scared. I’m just looking so much forward to this experience. Probably because I’ve been prepared for it for so long now. It feels so right even though it’s so crazy. It is so crazy that I will not see my friends for a whole year. Strange that mom is not going to bother me about to put on a warmer jacket every time I walk out of the door. Crazy that I am not going for another walk with Amelia for a whole year. Strange that I am actually going to move out of my childhood home for good. Strange. Insane. A little sad too. Of course. But I’m just so endlessly excited about what is waiting. So excited that it overshadows most of the negative emotions I have.

A week, dark feeling flows in my stomach, but I am primarily filled with peace. A peace and a joy that I am actually about to do this. That I am actually about to take this step to follow a dream. It’s so good and so unreal at the same time!

I had a last coffee with some friends yesterday. Today, my plan is to relax with mom and dad. I’ll make dinner for them for the last time in an eternity. Spend some time with Amelia. Just enjoy my last hours on Norwegian earth.


Goodbye, Dear Norway. I`’ll see you again next Christmas.

Blue hoods shut the world out

Maybe that’s when I feel it.

When the blue hood is pulled tight over my head because of the huge scarf around my neck. When the wind kisses the side of my cheek, while my nose is filled with ice. That is when I understand how small I am and how much power I have over my own thoughts.

How much power I have over the bad feeling that hits me on on a Monday morning. Maybe I understand how I can use this power on all of these small problems I tend to create in my own head. So bad you can feel by nothing.

My shoe is slipping. I did not quite understand what was happening until a numb feeling spreads throughout my head. The pain runs a marathon in there, as if someone have poured a cup of boiling water over me. I lay there for a while. Let my fingertips dance along the thin ice beneath me.

If perfect was a moment, I would define it as now. Here. Cold, wet, left alone, overturned and beaten by the winter. This moment where I realize I’m just me, and how nice that is. In fact, it is absolutely perfect

Blue hoods close the world out. Not just the wind. It just gives you one single perspective. I try to grab my hood…

Maybe I should concentrate on getting up from the cold ground. Instead, I focus on pulling this hood off. Just so that I can see a little more of the world. Do I live with a hood on? Do I let it shut the world out?