How is your bucketlist doing?

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So how am I doing with my life bucketlist so far?

1.  Go to a concert // Isn’t it a shame. That I, the music lover and entusiast never have been to a concert in my entire life?! Well. Thats not completely true. I have played a lot of concerts with my violin, both in orchestra and solo. I have also entered a lot of classical music concerts and a few worship concerts. But I’ve never been to those famous artist concerts, you know? I need to do that. Can someone pleaser join me? Like. Very soon?

2. Get a tattoo// So this one is completed. But I dear say that there is a possibility to get at least one more. But I’m satisfied with the one I have for now.

3. Go to a footballmatch// It might not be so strange that I`ve never been on a footballmatch since my interest according to sports always have been in handball. But accept from that, it`s worth mentioning that both my father and big brother are big footballsupporters, and none of them have bothered to bring me to one of these footballmatches. Therefore I have decided to take the case in my own hands, and go on my own.

4 .Go surfing// I have always dreamed about learning to surf. It`s just so goals. Before I am 23. Well that Is 4 years right? That must be possible.

5. Take a roadtrip somewhere // So Ylva and I had a roadtrip to Malmö / Copenhagen last winter vacay.  But. Roadtrips are not something you mark off your bucketlist. They are just staying there forever but with new destinations. More roadtrips are to come.


6. To learn more of those bible verses by heart// It`s such a blessing to remember bible verses by heart, and I have never spent much time on that. I mostly just read them without bothering to learn them. So that is really on my bucketlist. To get a better habit with that.

7. Move out for good// The date is 21th of January 2019 peeps, and all of my stuff is already in boxes.

8.Run a marathon // So to specify the dream a little bit… The goal is to run a New York City Marathon. I have entered a half marathon, and a couple of 10 kilometers, but that is a couple of years ago … My running carrier had a brutal end with an injury. But in faith, my goal is still to run that marathon. And I would prefer to do it before I am 23! Probably time to start running again soon then.



9. Develop a clothing style// Like beeing safe in having a style that is mine.

10. Get educated// To get that master done, might not be possible in four years. But. My dream and plan atm is at least to get started with those medical studies before I turn 23.

11. Get my drivers license // Done! Even though I have no idea how I passed that driver test.

12. Learn to save money // I`m really working on it. I am. I promise. Even though I have a way to go …

13.Live in another country // Ehe. That is happening very soon indeed 😉 More details might show up in a few weeks ♥ ♥ ♥

14. See a Broadway show // That is going to be so awesome. Maybe I should to that in the same USA trip then? New York City marathon followed by a few broadway shows? I`ll need to start saving, but how am I supposed to do that as a Student? Time will show.


15. Write a book // So. I must disappoint you. I’m never going to be one of those bloggers giving out a book about their life. At first I’m not going to write a super christian book either. My dream has always been to write a fiction novel. With a hidden and meaningful message. Because I really love dreaming away in stories. That is going to happen. But before 23? I guess that should be the goal at least.

16. Fly first class somewhere // Well. Take that USA trip on first class maybe? I`ll need to start play «lotto» soon.

17. Go for a mission trip // I have been to a lot of missionary trips actually. With my parent of course, but mostly as a kid. This time I want to go without them. On my own.

18. Become registered organ donor // Done!

19. Celebrate a chiristmas with people in need // To dedicate a meaningful day just to help and company people who have no family. That is also going to happen before 23.

20. Watch a Kentucky Derby // The hats. The outfits. Betting on horses. I mean. Do you really get the feeling of being really rich in another place on earth than that? I`ll try to fix some VIP passes ass well. Who will join me?

21. Learn to play chess for reals //  Come on. It`s a shame that I really don`t know how to play chess.

22. Live in the wild without electricity for a week // It’s actually quite funny how Norwegians go to these cabin trips with lower standard than home, and call it vacation. Vacation is without all that electricity, with an outhouse, and a shower without hot water. Well. It describes how wealthy our lives are. I guess I am no exception. I would love to live a super simple life for a week. Not so much longer that that though.

23. Make a difference for someone // The biggest gift is to be able to help someone who is in need.

// How is your bucketlist doing? 

Av Victoria Skjortnes

Hello there! Thank you so much for clicking into my blog! Here I’m going to share a few things from my everyday life. I hope this can be a universe that inspires you in a busy day. Most of my blogposts are going to be in both English and Norwegian!

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