Just saying goodbye

So. I don`t really know why. But from now on, I think that I will write this blog in English. For my Norwegian readers that will probably be annoying. But I hope you survive it anyways. Google translate is always helpful tough ❤

I didn’ t sleep at all. I started realising that when my eyes opened automatically by the sound of my alarm at 4.30 Am. I was not surprised. To move your entire life across the globe is not exactly a small step. Even though I had waited for this day for so long, I didn’t really realise what was happening when my feet walked through the airport. I prefer short goodbyes. They need to be so short that my mind doesn’t have time to react to all the feelings that are dancing inside of me. With my «short- goodbye – philosophy», mum and dad only got a short hug each. Not a melancholic remembrance speech about the fact that I am actually leaving them for an entire year. Mum cried anyway.

That didn’t exactly surprise me. But I do understand her. I cried a lot when a couple of my closest friends left me to travel out in the world. My point is not that I love my friends more than my parents, but that the feeling of being left behind is terrible. Probably a lot stronger than the one you get when you are the one leaving. Therefore I just didn’t manage to cry even a little bit when I left my closest friends or when I left my parents. Simply because my mind already were in Australia, and it had been there for a while already. 

My big sister works at the airport. She came running to say goodbye before my flight left. Of all days, her bus was too late today. Fortunately she reached to say goodby to me, I reached my flight, and I am convinced that I reached the perfect time in my life to do this. 

Long flights at overrated, or maybe they are just underrated. I don’t really know how to describe them other than “better than I imagined” I have about 2 hours left before I am at an airport somewhere outside of China that you have never heard of. After that I have about 12 hours left before I have been in the air for 26 hours in total. Well. It might be a little early to say that I love long flights .

Did I mention that I have never seen so many Chinese people at the same place my entire life? Not so weird given that I am on my way to China. But the reason I am even bothering to write about this is because of a very interesting experience. One of these stewardesses started to talk to me in Chinese. I just wanted to call that anti- racism taken to an entire new level. I am just so fascinated that my blond hair and blue eyes could be mistaken for being Chinese! 

I have tried to sleep after Australian time zone. My optemistic mind decided that it is possible to avoide jet lag. Let’s just say that it didn’t work out like that. In all different positions that it’s even possible to have in a seat in a flight, I have tried to get a few hours of sleep. The little pillow you get free on these planes are not worth anything. I lost this battle. 

I have watched “The holiday” and another movie with Brad Pitt on the fancy touch screens they have on this plane. Ah. The second meal of this trip just arrived. It was supposed to be WiFi aboard, but that didn’t work for my iPhone. Fortunately I ordered Spotify premium before I left. If it hadn’t been for my music, how would I be supposed to survive? 

Av Victoria Skjortnes

Hello there! Thank you so much for clicking into my blog! Here I’m going to share a few things from my everyday life. I hope this can be a universe that inspires you in a busy day. Most of my blogposts are going to be in both English and Norwegian!

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