3 things that fascinate me about Australia. (Arriving down under)

The streets are so beautiful here!

Dear reader. Where am I even supposed to start? I guess from the beginning. Well. The past week? There is just so much to tell you about.

We landed on Australian ground, and the heat did just hit me as a wall. Unfortunately it was not really any better inside of the house I finally arrived at a couple of hours later. Two kind girls welcomed me and showed me my room. I did not really sleep at all that night. I was totally convinced that some snake or spider was about to bite me the entire time. I survived the night tough, but at 5 am I was wide awake.


The next morning, I was introduced to the rest of the house before I went to church to the «welcome lounge.» At the Welcome lounge they had some people waiting for new students so help with every practical matter. It was also a place to get to know people, and make some new friends.

Usually church is about 5 minutes walk from my house, but I didn`t know that. Instead google showed me a rout that took 17 minutes. Believe me … the difference is huge in this heat! Wet by sweating, I finally arrived at the welcome- lounge. I got to meet some new people and we went to the mall to buy some stuff.

Getting to know people around here turned out to be fine. People are so friendly. I guess that it will take some time to make the friends that I will end up being closer with, but just during my first days here I felt so home. I really felt like I was at the right place at the right time. The whole moving has been really peaceful, and I am so thankful for that.

A few days later I went to «Summerfest» an arrangement for young adults. That was the first time I have ever been to a Hillsong meeting outside scandinavia, and it was just so good!

-Some things that fascinate me about Australia – 

Driving on the left side of the road. Even tough it is not unic for Australia (since they are doing it in UK as well) … the funny thing is that Australians need to remind themselves about it. I mean the «keep left signs» are everywhere. As if they are about to forget about their crazy driving pattern

«No worries» Probably the most common expression around here. I really love it. The culture here is just so relaxed! It`s so different than Norway, you have no idea!

Clothes. People are so funny here. You should have known how many Australians I have met wearing jeans when it`s super hot outside. Probably because they are mostly staying inside with the air-condition. But it`s just so strange to meet people with that much clothes in this heat!

School starts for real in a couple of days, and I will probably be back with some more pictures and updates for you really soon. See you later ❤

Av Victoria Skjortnes

Hello there! Thank you so much for clicking into my blog! Here I’m going to share a few things from my everyday life. I hope this can be a universe that inspires you in a busy day. Most of my blogposts are going to be in both English and Norwegian!

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