Enrolment Day

From a boiling heat caused by approximately 35 °C outside, I am probably melting away faster than ice cream right now … But Hello there, dear you! ❤

I have not less than two fans behind me, blowing the same hot air around in this room. It is so hot, and I am still drinking hot coffee. I think I need to go downstairs to park myself under the air condition. Hold on a few seconds, please…

Here I am. It is somehow so much colder downstairs than in my room. Probably because the sun is constantly hitting on that side of the house. Anyways. Yesterday was Evaluation day at school. For me who is not doing a creative stream, I only had to do some practical stuff. For the creative streams there were obviously auditions going on. I am so glad that I didn`t have any of those …

Today was enrollment day with even more practical things to do. Signings of papers and so on. I did choose pathway in my stream today, which decides where my main focus will be. There were so many cool options. Even tough I wanted to do all of them, I ended up choosing youth. That means I will be working with teenagers. So. I am so excited for the following weeks. So many new things to learn and experience!

So my room – mate and I was at the mall yesterday to buy another fan (because you can never have to many of those) She is so nice by the way. We talked about delivering our resumes soon to try to get a part time job. Even tough it wasn’t really my plan to work next to my studies at first, I have to admit that some extra income would be totally fine. So yeah.

See you later alligator (which is kind of accurate because of the fact that i am actually living in the land of alligators)

Av Victoria Skjortnes

Hello there! Thank you so much for clicking into my blog! Here I’m going to share a few things from my everyday life. I hope this can be a universe that inspires you in a busy day. Most of my blogposts are going to be in both English and Norwegian!

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