Just a quick Australian word dictionary

Days are just passing by.

The first week at school is called «intensives» and it was very intense. There were so many things we needed to go through, and so much information! I have learned a lot already, so it was challenging and nice at the same time. Next week will fortunately be more quiet. I only have school two days.

But hey. I got a job! It is so funny. Suddenly I got a text-message in Norwegian from a flower-shop I delivered a resume to. The owner turned out to be Norwegian. If that is not enough, my colleagues speak Spanish, so it is kind of genius since I really need to practice mine.

I need to learn a lot about flowers now. But I really like it. I am learning to put them together in arrangements, and it is actually very funny!

// Where are those Opera house , Bondi-beach pictures?

To clearify. Yes. I live about 40 minutes with bus from every famous Sydney-tourist attraction you have ever heard of … Unfortunately I just haven’t had time to go there yet. I am going to, and I am going to take a lot of pictures. I promise. I just don’t know when … But stay tuned!

I have tried to make my room a little more personal with hanging up some pictures from home.

Mini Australian word dictionary

Maccas – You probably knew, or guessed that this means Mc Donalds. One of my first days here, I entered one to use their wifi, and they had named it «Wi-fry.» That made my day.

Thongs – Prenounced as tongues, which makes it really confusing. It does obviously not mean your tongue, but flip – flops. Those you have on your feet.

No worries – As I told you earlier. This is just used everywhere. I am not joking when I Say I hear this expression at least 20 times during a day.

Mate – Bro/ Friend. You knew that. I know. But it is just a funny word. Hahah.

Arvo – This afternoon. Also kind of confusing when these Aussies speak fast.

Before I left Norway, I invested in a bullet-journal. It is just so genius. I love it, and there is so many different things you can write in them! I try to keep things organized.

There are a lot of things you need to remember when you live by yourself, and not in the same house as mom and dad anymore. The bullet journal helps me with that. I use it to budget and write my time-tables. So organizing! I will probably show you more from it later.

Just a little detail in our stairs. Lavendel, one of my favorite flowers!

Have a wonderful day or night, depending on where on earth you are right now. Hehe. You will hear from me again soon! Hopefully with some fancy-er pictures in the nearest future.

Av Victoria Skjortnes

Hello there! Thank you so much for clicking into my blog! Here I’m going to share a few things from my everyday life. I hope this can be a universe that inspires you in a busy day. Most of my blogposts are going to be in both English and Norwegian!

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