Love days off, and some things I miss from back home

Love days off Love my new sisterhood bible Love Face-timing my family and friends Love that our washing machine works again Love lemon water Love dreaming about long days at the beach But I still … Love that it is colder outside Hi there, my dear reader 🙂 I hope your day is good soFortsett å les «Love days off, and some things I miss from back home»

Bondi and broken washing machines

How beautiful is Bondi Beach, hey ? It is really amazing, and the water there is just so extremely salty. It is really a cool beach. But why do I never remember to wear sunglasses? To be a day on the East-coast of Australia, it was actually quite cold and clouded. But my eyes were still burning. The temperatureFortsett å les «Bondi and broken washing machines»

Just a quick Australian word dictionary

Days are just passing by. The first week at school is called «intensives» and it was very intense. There were so many things we needed to go through, and so much information! I have learned a lot already, so it was challenging and nice at the same time. Next week will fortunately be more quiet.Fortsett å les «Just a quick Australian word dictionary»

3 things that fascinate me about Australia. (Arriving down under)

Dear reader. Where am I even supposed to start? I guess from the beginning. Well. The past week? There is just so much to tell you about. We landed on Australian ground, and the heat did just hit me as a wall. Unfortunately it was not really any better inside of the house I finallyFortsett å les «3 things that fascinate me about Australia. (Arriving down under)»