Victoria tester / sukkerfrie brusnyheter



Finnes noen større glede enn å oppdage at butikken tilbyr intet mindre enn 2 nye sukkerfrie brus som jeg ikke har smakt?! 😀  Som den erfarne Pepsi-Max drikkeren jeg er, må jeg innrømme at ettersmaken av kunstig søtning ikke er noe jeg tar med i betraktningen. Sorry, men det hadde nok ikke blitt en objektiv stemme. Enkelt og greit fordi jeg er mer eller mindre immun mot denne kunstige smaken.

Uansett. La meg beskrive mitt første inntrykk av dem begge: æsj.

La meg utdype dette.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Is there any greater joy than discovering that the store offers nothing less than 2 new sugar-free soft drinks that I have not tasted yet ?! As the professional, experienced Pepsi-Max drinker I am, I must admit that the aftertaste of artificial sweetener is not something I can consider in my review. Sorry, but I just don’t have an objective voice. Simply because I’m more or less immune to this artificial flavor.

Anyway. Let me describe my first impression to both of them: Disgusting. Honestly.

Let me describe this closer to you.



Urge uten sukker, Chill guarana: En blanding mellom en slags eplebrus og sprite. I tillegg har den har en sterk ettersmak og rar ettersmak. Rett og slett helt grusomt. Etter et par flere slurker ble jeg på en måte mer vant til denne sviende ettersmaken. Men jeg sitter likevel igjen med den enkle konklusjonen at dette er en brus du kjøper en gang og aldri mer. Det skal sies at jeg drakk hele da. Men det er tatt i betrakning at jeg er en svært erfaren brusdrikker.

Cola uten sukker, Rasberry: Jeg har aldri vært fan av cola. Sånn cola uten sukker kan liksom tolereres på restaurant når de ikke har Pepsi max. Men det her? Fysj. Det skulle liksom smake bringebær, men det smakte bare søtere daff cola. Ikke verdt bryderiet. Denne brusflasken fikk mamma adoptere som mente den var helt ok.

Vel. Nå sparte jeg deg for å kjøpe to katastrofale bruser. Bare hyggelig. Med mindre dette gjorde deg så nysgjerrig at du blir nødt til å kjøpe dem likevel da.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Urge Without Sugar, Chill Guarana: A mix between some kind of apple taste and sprite. In addition, it has a strong and sour aftertaste. Simply completely awful. After a few more slurks, I became more used to this crazy aftertaste. But I still sit with the simple conclusion that this is a soda you buy once and never again. It should be said that I drank all that soda bottle. But it`s taken into account that I am a very experienced soda-without-sugar-drinker.

Cola without sugar Rasberry: I’ve never been a fan of coke. Those kinds of cola without sugar can be tolerated at the restaurant when they do not have Pepsi max. But this? Well. It was supposed to taste raspberries, but it just tasted a much sweeter and dead coke. Not worth the hassle. This soda bottle, my mother adopted because she meant it tasted okay.

Well. Now I saved from buying two disastrous soft drinks. You’re welcome. Unless this made you so curious that you will have to buy them anyways 😉

How is your bucketlist doing?

BFORE 23.jpg

So how am I doing with my life bucketlist so far?

1.  Go to a concert // Isn’t it a shame. That I, the music lover and entusiast never have been to a concert in my entire life?! Well. Thats not completely true. I have played a lot of concerts with my violin, both in orchestra and solo. I have also entered a lot of classical music concerts and a few worship concerts. But I’ve never been to those famous artist concerts, you know? I need to do that. Can someone pleaser join me? Like. Very soon?

2. Get a tattoo// So this one is completed. But I dear say that there is a possibility to get at least one more. But I’m satisfied with the one I have for now.

3. Go to a footballmatch// It might not be so strange that I`ve never been on a footballmatch since my interest according to sports always have been in handball. But accept from that, it`s worth mentioning that both my father and big brother are big footballsupporters, and none of them have bothered to bring me to one of these footballmatches. Therefore I have decided to take the case in my own hands, and go on my own.

4 .Go surfing// I have always dreamed about learning to surf. It`s just so goals. Before I am 23. Well that Is 4 years right? That must be possible.

5. Take a roadtrip somewhere // So Ylva and I had a roadtrip to Malmö / Copenhagen last winter vacay.  But. Roadtrips are not something you mark off your bucketlist. They are just staying there forever but with new destinations. More roadtrips are to come.


6. To learn more of those bible verses by heart// It`s such a blessing to remember bible verses by heart, and I have never spent much time on that. I mostly just read them without bothering to learn them. So that is really on my bucketlist. To get a better habit with that.

7. Move out for good// The date is 21th of January 2019 peeps, and all of my stuff is already in boxes.

8.Run a marathon // So to specify the dream a little bit… The goal is to run a New York City Marathon. I have entered a half marathon, and a couple of 10 kilometers, but that is a couple of years ago … My running carrier had a brutal end with an injury. But in faith, my goal is still to run that marathon. And I would prefer to do it before I am 23! Probably time to start running again soon then.



9. Develop a clothing style// Like beeing safe in having a style that is mine.

10. Get educated// To get that master done, might not be possible in four years. But. My dream and plan atm is at least to get started with those medical studies before I turn 23.

11. Get my drivers license // Done! Even though I have no idea how I passed that driver test.

12. Learn to save money // I`m really working on it. I am. I promise. Even though I have a way to go …

13.Live in another country // Ehe. That is happening very soon indeed 😉 More details might show up in a few weeks ♥ ♥ ♥

14. See a Broadway show // That is going to be so awesome. Maybe I should to that in the same USA trip then? New York City marathon followed by a few broadway shows? I`ll need to start saving, but how am I supposed to do that as a Student? Time will show.


15. Write a book // So. I must disappoint you. I’m never going to be one of those bloggers giving out a book about their life. At first I’m not going to write a super christian book either. My dream has always been to write a fiction novel. With a hidden and meaningful message. Because I really love dreaming away in stories. That is going to happen. But before 23? I guess that should be the goal at least.

16. Fly first class somewhere // Well. Take that USA trip on first class maybe? I`ll need to start play “lotto” soon.

17. Go for a mission trip // I have been to a lot of missionary trips actually. With my parent of course, but mostly as a kid. This time I want to go without them. On my own.

18. Become registered organ donor // Done!

19. Celebrate a chiristmas with people in need // To dedicate a meaningful day just to help and company people who have no family. That is also going to happen before 23.

20. Watch a Kentucky Derby // The hats. The outfits. Betting on horses. I mean. Do you really get the feeling of being really rich in another place on earth than that? I`ll try to fix some VIP passes ass well. Who will join me?

21. Learn to play chess for reals //  Come on. It`s a shame that I really don`t know how to play chess.

22. Live in the wild without electricity for a week // It’s actually quite funny how Norwegians go to these cabin trips with lower standard than home, and call it vacation. Vacation is without all that electricity, with an outhouse, and a shower without hot water. Well. It describes how wealthy our lives are. I guess I am no exception. I would love to live a super simple life for a week. Not so much longer that that though.

23. Make a difference for someone // The biggest gift is to be able to help someone who is in need.

// How is your bucketlist doing? 

Some of these scrunchies from 1986



Til tross for at wikipedia påstår at scrunchies kan spores tilbake til 1986, er det først nå jeg har oppdaget dem. Eller. Jeg husker jo at jeg hadde noen da jeg var mindre. Jeg husker til og med moren til en venninne pleide å ha sånne i håret. Sånne i tillegg til alle mulige fascinerende hårbøyler. Hm. Ja, det er vel disse hårbøylene hennes jeg husker best kanskje. Ikke bare hadde de alle farger herfra til månen, men de hadde så mange ulike mønstre også!


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Despite the fact that wikipedia is claiming that some scrunchies can be traced back to 1986, it’s first now that I’ve discovered them. Or. I remember that I had a few when I was a kid. I even remember a mother to a friend who used to have many of them. Bur she also had all  sorts of fascinating headbands.  These headbands did not only have all the colors from here to the moon, but they had so many different patterns as well!



Men så var det disse scrunchies – ene… Da jeg ble litt eldre, typ ungdomsskolealder, tenkte jeg at de var barnslige. Så jeg hadde ikke så mange av dem, og brukte i alle fall ikke de jeg hadde. Men i det siste har jeg virkelig fått øynene opp for dem igjen. Jeg endte opp med å kjøpe noen da de var på salg. Så siden jeg har fått denne åpenbaringen, tenkte jeg det var fint å dele den med deg. Scrunchies er definitivt undervurdert. Det er jo så fint!


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

But these scrunchies … When I got a little older, I thought they were childish. So I did not have so many of them really, and at least I did not use the ones I had. But in the last couple of weeks, I really got my eyes up for them. I ended up bying a few on sale… And since I had this revelation about scrunchies. I just wanted to say that they are underestimated. Scrunchies are so pretty! ♥




The underestimated sound of people


Lyden av stemmer teiper seg sammen i en konstant bakgrunnssus.

Alle disse bølgene av samtaler, som hodet mitt velger å tolke som en enkel tone. Alle disse ordene, og stemningene de formidler. Denne monotone lyden er rett og slett en genial musikk, som jeg på en eller annen måte klarer å konsentrere meg til. Det er fascinerende. Vakkert egentlig. Fascinerende og interessant at jeg den siste uken har kommet lenger med denne studeringen min enn jeg har i løpet av de siste to månedene. Det er vel sånn at noe blir mer spennende ettersom du forstår mer. Ikke bare forstår jeg mer. Jeg blir sittende med en uforklarlig mestringsfølelse, og denne fikse ideen om at jeg faktisk er ganske intelligent.

Intelligent nok til å lære meg dette, og med disse tankene sniker også skolelysten seg på. Graver seg frem i hjertet.  Jeg har lyst til å lese. Jeg har lyst til å lære. Jeg kan med hånden på hjertet si dette for første gang på omtrent fire år. Det kommer så overraskende på meg at jeg nesten ikke skjønner hvor det kommer fra en gang. Ikke visste jeg at dette var mulig heller. Jeg antar, og konkluderer med at det også har en forklaring i at jeg for første gang på disse fire årene studerer noe uten at jeg skal bli vurdert i det. Eller. Jeg blir jo vurdert. Men jeg trenger bare å bestå. Det er målet mitt. Ikke å få A. Bare få nok poeng til å få bestått. Det skal jeg klare, og det holder.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


The sound of voices tears together in a constant background sound.

All these waves of conversations, which my head chooses to interpret as one simple tone. All these words, and the moods they convey. This monotone sound is simply an ingenious music, which I somehow manage to concentrate to. It’s fascinating. Beautiful, really. Fascinating and interesting that I have gone further this month than I have in the past two months with my studies. It’s good that something gets more exciting as you understand more. Not only do I understand more. I’m getting this crazy idea that I’m actually quite intelligent.

Intelligent enough to learn this. I want to read. I want to learn. I can say this for the first time in about four years. It’s so surprising to me that I almost do not even understand where it comes from. I did not know that this was possible either. I assume, and conclude  that it has something to do with the fact that I am studying without being concerned about my grades. I just need to pass. That’s my goal. Not to get an A. Just get enough points to pass. I can do this!


Det er forresten mulig at jeg har funnet en verdig teori på mitt store spørsmål om hvorfor jeg blir så mye mer kreativ så fort jeg forlater husets fire vegger. I følge David Hume er det så enkelt som at sanseinntrykkene jeg møter skaper nye ideer. Disse ideene  skaper igjen såkalte refleksjonsinntrykk basert på hverandre. Til sammen er det skapt noen helt egne og nye ideer. Også kjent som tanker, refleksjoner eller hva enn du måtte kalle det. Sanseinntrykk som altså skaper noe nytt i krasj med hverandre.

Det er litt logisk for meg. Til tross for at teoriene hans kanskje feiler på noen punkter ifølge disse ekspertene. De gjør meg forundret. Forundret over at noen i det hele tatt har tenkt nok på dette fenomenet til å skape en teori rundt det.

Slike tenkere altså. Kan jeg snart kategorisere meg selv som en av dem? 

Idet mørket møter skotuppen min innser jeg forresten at jeg har blitt et av disse irriterende cafémenneskene. Ikke en sånn en som jeg skrev om sist, men den typen som sitter der lenge etter at kaffekoppen er konsumert. Lenge. Mye lenger. Det til tross for at det er så stappfullt i rommet at nye kunder ikke får sitteplass.  Likevel har jeg ikke et snev av dårlig samvittighet. Denne Cafeen har blitt mitt lille bibliotek. Jeg konsentrerer meg så mye bedre blant alle disse menneskene. Med dette innser jeg også at jeg åpenbart har nådd et nytt nivå av selvutvikling, etter at jeg nå faktisk klarer å stenge alt annet ute fremfor å leve meg inn i alle disse samtalene.

Men vet du hva som er så kult? Nå begynner jeg også å innse hvorfor. Simpelthen fordi det i absolutt stillhet gir meg friheten til å tenke på alt mulig annnet enn det jeg leser. Mellom alle disse samtalene blir jeg derimot nødt til å fokusere for å få med meg noe som helst.



• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


By the way. I think I have found a worthy theory on my big question about why I get so much more creative as soon as I leave the four walls of my house. According to David Hume, it is so simple that the sensory impressions I face creates new ideas. These ideas create so-called reflection impressions based on each other. Together, some new ideas have been created. Also known as thoughts, reflections or whatever you might call it. In other words these sensory impressions create something new in crash with each other.

It’s a little logical to me. Despite the fact that his theories may fail on some points according to these experts. They make me amazed. Surprised that someone at all has thought enought about this phenomenon to create a theory around it.

These thinkers … Can I categorize myself as one of them?

By the way, as darkness meets with my shoes, I realize that I have become one of these annoying café people (Norwegian translation only). Not the way I wrote about the last time, but the type that stays there long after the coffee cup is consumed. Much longer. Even though it is so packed with people in the room that new customers can not get seats. Still, I do not have a hint of bad conscience. This café has become my library. I concentrate so much better among all these people. I have obviously reached a new level of self-development, after I have actually started to forget every single sound around me,  rather than listen to all of these conversations.

But do you know what? Now I think I realize why. Why I like studying with all these people around me. The answer is simply because absolute silence gives me the freedom to think of everything else than what I read. However, between all of these conversations I have to focus on understanding the words I am actually reading.


The best chocolate chip cookies


Hei fine! Tirsdag er oppskriftsdagen her på bloggen 🙂 Frem til nå har jeg jo bare delt veldig sunne oppskrifter. Men min lille filosofi sier at det er sunt å være litt usunn noen ganger. Så her kommer en veldig god oppskrift på noen magiske sjokoladekjeks. Det er jo en grunn til at “chocolate chip cookies” er en slager i USA. Den slår liksom aldri feil den.

Den ene bestevenninnen min på ungdomsskolen hadde en litt kul tanke om at hun kunne veie opp for det usunne hun spiste med å spise noe sunt etterpå. Hadde hun for eksempel spist en sjokolade, kunne hun spise en mandarin, så ville det nulle alt ut. Vel. Det har kanskje ikke helt støtte fra forskere og sånn det her da men. Det er uansett en tankegang jeg virkelig elsker. Så la oss si at den er sann likevel da.


Dette trenger du

150 gram meierismør

100 gram brunt sukker

60 gram sukker

1 stort egg

200 gram hvetemel

1 ts vaniljesukker

1 ts bakepulver

200 gram melkesjokolade



• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Hello sweeties! Tuesday is the day of recipies here on this blog! Until now, I have only shared very healthy recipes. But my little philosophy says it’s healthy to be a little unhealthy sometimes. So here comes a very good recipe for some magic Chocolate Chip Cookies.

One of my best friends from school had a little cool thought. She really believed she could weigh up for the unhealthy she ate after eating healthy. For example, if she had eaten a chocolate, she would eat a mandarin and the chocolate would not matter anymore. Well. It may not be entirely supported by science and so…But it’s anyway a mindset I really love. So let’s just decide that it’s true then.


This is what you need

1 cup with butter

1/2 cup  brown sugar

1/4 cup white sugar

1 large egg

1 1/4 cup all purpose flour

1 teaspoon vanilla powder

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 1/4 cups milk chocolate



Dette gjør du

Forvarm ovnen til 200 grader, og kle to bakebrett med bakepapir. Hakk sjokoladen i biter. (Du kan selvfølgelig bruke sjokolade knapper istedenfor, men jeg synes at opphakket freia melkesjokolade absolutt blir best!) Pisk smør og sukker luftig, og ha i egget før du pisker litt til. Bland inn alt det tørre og rør godt sammen til en deig. Rør inn den hakkede sjokoladen. Det kan være lurt å la deigen hvile litt i kjøleskapet sånn at den blir litt enklere å forme (10-15 min). Er du derimot som meg, har du ikke tålmodighet til det.

Videre kan du bruke en teskje, og legge små topper med deig utover akebrettene. Pass på at det er godt med avstand. Kjeksene stekes midt i ovnen i ca 10 minutter til de er lysebrune i kantene og fortsatt litt myke i midten. Dette varierer selvfølgelig fra ovn til ovn, så pass på å følge med 😉

Avkjøl kjeksene på bakebrettet i noen minutter før du flytter dem over på rist. Da slipper du at de knekker når du løfter dem opp. Det kan være lurt å oppbevare dem i en lufttett boks. Da holder de seg lengst. Men så skal de sies at de ofte er spist opp før det i det hele tatt blir et problem. Håper det smaker ♥



• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


This is what you do

Preheat your oven to 390°F , and dress two baking trays with baking paper. Chop the chocolate into pieces and whip the butter and sugar until airy. Add the egg, and whip a little more. Mix in all the dry and the chocolate and stir well. Use a teaspoon and put small dots with dough.

Remember to keep a good distance between them!  Bake the cookies in the middle of the oven for about 10 minutes until the cookies are light brown at the edges and still slightly soft in the middle.Cool on the baking pan for a few minutes before moving them over to the grid. It`s smart to store them in a tight box.



May your Tuesday be as sweet as these chocolate chip cookies ♥♥♥♥♥

B for blue and winter

0-2 2

Hei, og god mandag

Blåmandag ifølge disse bildene kanskje. Men det er den faktisk ikke! La meg snakke litt om den store hendelsen jeg var vitne til her om dagen. Jeg fikk nemlig øye på en dame med hansker, lue og skjerf! Alt sammen. Vintersko hadde hun til og med. Dette var selvfølgelig noe som gledet mitt hjerte. Endelig!  Endelig en tilnærmet skriftlig tillatelse for å finne frem mitt geniale, matchende sett med vinterens store startpakke. Alt i blått selvfølgelig.

Jeg kommer aldri til å glemme hospiteringen på BI med min fine knallblåe jakke fra moods of Norway. Den hadde mamma kjøpt på salg, og jeg gikk selvfølgelig helt ut den dagen. Matchende blå lue, skjerf og votter og en blå Fjellreven sekk. Det må forresten nevnes at håret mitt på tiden var kullsvart. Jada. Du kan godt si at jeg skled lekkert inn i mengden til jentene med merkeklær og vesker. Mhm. Kanskje like greit jeg ikke endte opp med å gå der likevel. Jeg hadde jo måttet bytte ut hele klesskapet …


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Hello, and good Monday! I just need to start with an apologization. The translation of yesterday`s blogpost took forever. But it`s just because I have this genius idea that I trust my own english better than google translate. So… this means that I need to translate about every single word myself, and… yeah. But if that happens again the translation will come sooner or later so don`t worry.

Well. Let me talk about this big event I witnessed a few days ago. I saw a lady wearing gloves, hat and scarf! Everything I assosiate with winter. She even had Winter shoes! This was of course something that really made me smile. Finally! Finally, a permission to find my matching set of the- winter-starter-pack. Everything in blue of course ♥

I will never forget my visit at BI – School of economics – (which in addition to be a good school, is also famous for students waring lots of expencive clothes) with my nice blue jacket from “The moods of Norway”.  Mom bought it on sale, and of course I had a matching blue hat, scarf and mittens and a blue bag. By the way, it should be mentioned that my hair at this time was one hundred percent black. Yes. Maybe it`s okey I did not end up going there after all. I would have had to replace my whole wardrobe …


It`s not like we care too much …

img_2507-2.jpgAfter lifting our hands, shouting hallelujah for exactly an hour and a half, we are now placed in the middle of a big crowd. We have to wait for the train to get home to the tiny room in the collective that Asta calls her home. About forty minutes of waiting feels like much right now.

Like any other coffee-icher Christian, I think it’s okey to kill these coming seconds at a café. For some reason, it’s like something comes over me halfway in line for one of these cofeeshops. I just don`t want coffee.

When in world history did this happen last?

We can go somewhere else? Asta looks at me, but shakes her head. Sure. There are a ton of eating places here. Lots of places to sit just to kill the time. All these people. All the stories that circle around us.

“If we have any coins left ?”

Suddenly a thin, young boy stands above us. He looks at us with an intense look. He has a red hooded  sweater, and the hood is pulled well over some greasy hair. It has some length that hair. Spaghetti hair in a slightly brown color.  A very big jacket. If there is something you often encounter here, It`s these homeless people.

We are Norwegians.Skeptical, and little wary on letting our money go to someone’s drug that probably destroys their lives more. Asta proposes to buy him some food instead, but he lifts up a coffee cup and a bag of pizza. He obviously has enough food. She thinks about a couple of minutes, but finds a note. She is a little sceptic.

Not because we dont want to help, but because we are pretty unsure whether this money actually helps. Asta clearly states that he must use them on something proper. Not drugs. He promises. Promises that he dont do drugs. He is just homeless. Jobless. Not an addict. Well. That is a promise we don`t exactly take for goof. Rather, on the contrary really.

But do you know what? It doesn`t matter.

It doesn`​t matter to me if ninety percent of the words that flows out of him about a terrible childhood is true. It doesnt matter if he`s just an other good example of a meanipulative drug addict who needs that money for drugs.


Because I sincerely believe that once you’ve landed on the street you have not had it easy. Whatever the reason is. Then your life is actually not very cool. The last thing you need is a meeting with several distinguished people who look at you like a rat.

So we stand there with this boy. Time goes by. He says he is 21 years old. In fact, he is just another young adult. Just like us. Alone in this world, without the energy to think about the future. It hits me. It could be me. It actually did. He is so young and has given up life in a way. That despite the fact that this life has just begun.

Asta talks about everything and nothing. She keeps this little special conversation going. Tells him that he is loved. That he is not an orphan, because there is a father in heaven who loves him. Whether he chooses to believe it or not. Telles hum that he should not give up his dreams. It is going to be all right. Everything is going to be alright. I’m a little skeptical a few feet behind, and look at several of the outcasts who circle around us like vultures. They keep eye contact with the boy, and on several occasions they stand close to Astas`bag while she is deeply busy with this conversation. I'm not so naive. I`m actually quite sure he is working with them.

They disappear gradually.

The conversation continues and continues. The weird thing is that the boy seems grateful. Thankful for someone actually taking their time to take this talk. Despite the fact that we did not give so much money, we spent a few minutes of our time. I am convinced that he needed it. Needed to be seen. Needed to express some opinions about this hopeless society without space for him.

I’m actually sure it meant a difference. Because when we say we must go to reach this train, he looks sad. For reals. He has talked a lot. We have listened. Smiled. Nodded. Agreed in that life is terrible, but reminded him that there is indeed hope.

“Remember, you are love. You are more than nothing. God sees you and he is not far away.”

He is about to give both of us a hug, but we are a little too quick on our way. He thanks for the money and for the talk. I think the last really was what meant the most. My point is that we all tend to be too quick to judge. Too quick to put in box and hurry on. Sometimes just a few nice words are needed to make a whole difference.

This is church for me. Not just lifting your hands and shouting hallelujah. Not just burying us in the four walls we mention as a church. But to see people and show love like Jesus has said we should do. How he did. The way he had done if he was the one who met an outcast on a Sunday morning on the train-station.