Love days off, and some things I miss from back home

Love days off

Love my new sisterhood bible

Love Face-timing my family and friends

Love that our washing machine works again

Love lemon water

Love dreaming about long days at the beach

But I still …

Love that it is colder outside

Hi there, my dear reader 🙂

I hope your day is good so far! My Fridays are always off, and it is so nice. Even tough I am serving in church in the evening, it is good to have a peaceful day to sleep out and relax! Wow. I just listed a few things that I really love. But hey. Let me tell you about a few things that i miss as well. I have already stayed in Australia for a whole month. I really can not believe how fast time goes by down here. Probably because there is so much going on all the time …

– MONDAY 11th of February 2019 –

The sounds of different voices flow around me. I am sitting on a café, drinking coffee that doesn’t taste more than tolerable. Lately I have begun to realize how desperate my need is for time to just think. Sharing room, and living with four other girls simply resulted in me being with other people 24 hours a day. I need some me-time sometimes. I think we all do.
Time to let my mind run its own way. So I go for a walk. I can see 3 parrots fly by. It is strange that they live in the wild here. I have never seen one outside a cage before. They are beautiful. Colorful. Perfect in a way.

Somehow I find myself next to a girl on the bus, and she smells like my grandmother’s shampoo. Well. She does probably not. It`s just my brain that is making fun of me. Looking for anything familiar. But suddenly I miss the summers with my grandmother. I miss the smell of her shampoo in my hair while I was bathing in her bath-tube. I miss the icy wind as I get up on the cold floor in the morning. I miss the extremely good, cold Norwegian drinking-water. I miss the smell of freshly baked bread. The one that tasted so much better than any other homemade bread I’ve ever had.

Then I miss that house. Suddenly I am so grateful that Mum and Dad have kept it after all. The house that was built by the hands of my own great-grandfather a lifetime ago. I miss it. Maybe because I know that my parents are there right now. I miss picking berries in the summer. All the endless kilos of cherries from our garden. I miss stepping barefoot into the grass. I miss lifting wood down to the basement as soon as the leaves had started to turn red.

The heavy, warm air suffocates me. As I miss the clear Nordic wind wedging in my nose. As I miss snow.

I miss to ski and fall over every other second because I am so terribly bad at skiing. I miss the fireplace. Old furniture. My dog. Mom and dad. My friends. Although I don’t let myself miss them or anyone else. I miss home. All these things. I miss them, and I love it here. What a strange combination.

Bondi and broken washing machines

How beautiful is Bondi Beach, hey ? It is really amazing, and the water there is just so extremely salty. It is really a cool beach.

But why do I never remember to wear sunglasses? To be a day on the East-coast of Australia, it was actually quite cold and clouded. But my eyes were still burning. The temperature was low enough to make the walk in the sand tolerable but it felt like it was possible to get som tan out of it all anyways. At least I got a pretty, red, lobster-skin – color. Better than look as white as snow, I guess. My parents have sent me photos from back home where they are skiing. So I am not really allowed to complain either.

Half of my clothes is placed in a huge pile outside of our washing-room. Our washing machine broke down almost two weeks ago, and it is finally good again. Thankfully. I was about to run out of clothes. Is is not crazy how you suddenly have so much to think about once you have moved out from your parents? I mean… washing machines?

To have anything to write about at all on this blog in the future, I just have to keep you updated in what I do in School and church. Since that is where I spend all of my time basically, haha.

So we had Heart and Soul night at church yesterday. That is a yearly happening where our senior pastor tells about the local vision at church. It was really inspiring and encouraging. I am going to serve in the youth ministry, and I am serving for the first time later this week. So I am really excited to get startet. Right now I am going to take another cup of tea, so I will update you guys again soon. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

The most beautiful view I have ever seen

Hello dear reader, I hope your day has been great so far!

My second cup of tea this afternoon is carefully balancing on the couch next to my left tight. It is burning through my pants and into my sunburnt skin. I have probably used half of my bottle with Aloe-Vera, and it is starting to help. But my skin is still sore.

Let me just tell you one thing; Climate change is real! That is something you really realize when you move to Australia. The sun here is so intense! The UV-index is extremely high. My sunscreen with factor 50 did not help my body against this monster of a sun.

Anyways, another day of college is done!

We have finally started with our classes for reals. The teaching is so good, the people are so nice, and It is so good to be in a routine again. Everything feels less overwhelming now. Even though I felt home here really fast, I am feeling even more at home now.

This Saturday I went with Krista, another girl from our intake, to the beach. We walked a very famous route along the beaches called

“The Coogee/Bondi walk.”

It was an hour or so with the most beautiful walk I have ever had. The view was stunning. The sea was even bluer than you can see on these pictures! It all ended on famous Bondi Beach (which I will show you more pictures from later)

But hey, let me take you with me… back to my view on this amazing trip.

I hope you enjoy it!  ❤

I can see The Opera house from here

Hello there! Finally. The moment you have waited for… the number one tourist, bucketlist pictures from the opera-house have finally arrived to this blog! 🙂

So. We parked Keshas` car somewhere close to the city, and jumped on a train for the rest of the way into the Opera-house. I needed to see it. After all I have spent a few weeks in Sydney now, and it was about time to be a tourist here as well .

It was crowded. Hot, but not hotter than usual. I am just amazed by this city. It is so big, so different and so beautiful.

I had do pinch myself in my arm a couple of times. Am I really here?

Suddenly I was standing next to one of the tourist-attractions I have seen so many pictures of, dreamed of, and placed on my bucket list. Here I am. In Australia. In Sydney, and suddenly next to The Operahouse and The Harbour bridge. It is as pretty as you could imagine. Prettier. The sea is even more blue than my pictures can show you.

I would really love to go on a show there soon. It is probably amazing, but the tickets are not exactly cheap so I`ll wait a little bit.

The botanic garden is also really nice. It is so cool with all the plants and flowers. A couple of strange birds flew by, and I asked Kesha what that was. She looked suprised at me, so amazed that I had never seen one of those before.

I`ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Have a wonderful day, dear reader ❤

I think they all were set free

Yesterday, my room-mate Kesha and I decided to spend the day in the city. Just so I could see all of the tourist-attractions they have there. So there we were. Walking in the melting sun.

Among all the tourists who were taking Instagram photos next to the Opera – house. We spotted a lot of runners in the botanic garden. And som business people with suits and expensive purses.

There I was. In the middle of a huge city with people everywhere. My camera was filled up with photos. My feet were hurting because I had been stupid enough to walk with converse shoes all day.

We discussed which café we should choose until we both became so hungry that we just ended up choosing one. Both of us though the açai bowl looked amazing, but too expensive. Both of us ended up buying it anyway.

There we were. There I was. Just happy about life. And that moment I was living in right there. Right now.

All these cages, but there are no birds here. I think they all were set free.

Just a quick Australian word dictionary

Days are just passing by.

The first week at school is called “intensives” and it was very intense. There were so many things we needed to go through, and so much information! I have learned a lot already, so it was challenging and nice at the same time. Next week will fortunately be more quiet. I only have school two days.

But hey. I got a job! It is so funny. Suddenly I got a text-message in Norwegian from a flower-shop I delivered a resume to. The owner turned out to be Norwegian. If that is not enough, my colleagues speak Spanish, so it is kind of genius since I really need to practice mine.

I need to learn a lot about flowers now. But I really like it. I am learning to put them together in arrangements, and it is actually very funny!

// Where are those Opera house , Bondi-beach pictures?

To clearify. Yes. I live about 40 minutes with bus from every famous Sydney-tourist attraction you have ever heard of … Unfortunately I just haven’t had time to go there yet. I am going to, and I am going to take a lot of pictures. I promise. I just don’t know when … But stay tuned!

I have tried to make my room a little more personal with hanging up some pictures from home.

Mini Australian word dictionary

Maccas – You probably knew, or guessed that this means Mc Donalds. One of my first days here, I entered one to use their wifi, and they had named it “Wi-fry.” That made my day.

Thongs – Prenounced as tongues, which makes it really confusing. It does obviously not mean your tongue, but flip – flops. Those you have on your feet.

No worries – As I told you earlier. This is just used everywhere. I am not joking when I Say I hear this expression at least 20 times during a day.

Mate – Bro/ Friend. You knew that. I know. But it is just a funny word. Hahah.

Arvo – This afternoon. Also kind of confusing when these Aussies speak fast.

Before I left Norway, I invested in a bullet-journal. It is just so genius. I love it, and there is so many different things you can write in them! I try to keep things organized.

There are a lot of things you need to remember when you live by yourself, and not in the same house as mom and dad anymore. The bullet journal helps me with that. I use it to budget and write my time-tables. So organizing! I will probably show you more from it later.

Just a little detail in our stairs. Lavendel, one of my favorite flowers!

Have a wonderful day or night, depending on where on earth you are right now. Hehe. You will hear from me again soon! Hopefully with some fancy-er pictures in the nearest future.

Enrolment Day

From a boiling heat caused by approximately 35 °C outside, I am probably melting away faster than ice cream right now … But Hello there, dear you! ❤

I have not less than two fans behind me, blowing the same hot air around in this room. It is so hot, and I am still drinking hot coffee. I think I need to go downstairs to park myself under the air condition. Hold on a few seconds, please…

Here I am. It is somehow so much colder downstairs than in my room. Probably because the sun is constantly hitting on that side of the house. Anyways. Yesterday was Evaluation day at school. For me who is not doing a creative stream, I only had to do some practical stuff. For the creative streams there were obviously auditions going on. I am so glad that I didn`t have any of those …

Today was enrollment day with even more practical things to do. Signings of papers and so on. I did choose pathway in my stream today, which decides where my main focus will be. There were so many cool options. Even tough I wanted to do all of them, I ended up choosing youth. That means I will be working with teenagers. So. I am so excited for the following weeks. So many new things to learn and experience!

So my room – mate and I was at the mall yesterday to buy another fan (because you can never have to many of those) She is so nice by the way. We talked about delivering our resumes soon to try to get a part time job. Even tough it wasn’t really my plan to work next to my studies at first, I have to admit that some extra income would be totally fine. So yeah.

See you later alligator (which is kind of accurate because of the fact that i am actually living in the land of alligators)