Let me take a look back

My feet rest on a basketball that are moving with the rytm of the ground we are passing. My head is bumping into the cold window. Heavy eyes are closing to all the songs that I don’t know the lyrics on. Suddenly a well known melody starts playing. My eyes open dramatically. They are wide awake now, and I start singing. Without any shame at all I am turning into that annoying 7 year old that allways had a song to sing. The one that walked around the playground always screaming the tones of one of the pop classics from the radio. It is in the midle of the night. The clock has passed 3 am, and the red truck is bumping towards a beach-house further south. I am not to concerned about the fact that I don’t really know these people very well. All filters are gone. I just want to sing.

Tribe retreat is when the leader is in youth get together to spend a weekend without sleep. For those who know me, you also know; that is when my head turn into cake. » I am excited to see how my mood is on Monday. Probably not the best. But this will be fun. I have heard that the beaches are beautiful. Lets go»

Weeks ago, but I never posted these pictures. Now I look back and miss the heat from summer. You might laugh at me telling you that Australian winter is freezing. We are not even there, but I sleep with two hot-waterbotles, 2 duvets and a blanket at night. All well tucked around my fleece pyjamas. You said Norwegian winter was cold? You have no idea.

My camera officially died on this trip. My good friend for a whole lot of blog-posts. These are the last pictures it took. Well. At least I thought so. I have no idea what happened. It took two weeks before my camera somehow, started working again. Anyone who have experienced anything like it before?

Sydney-life Tanker

Sunset selfie in Sydney and a few thoughts about pressure

I can hear the sound of birds singing in between the mainstream music in the background from my mac. I am laying in my bed watching Norwegian TV-series when my room-mate enters our room, and sits down on the floor. One of our housemates have invited her connect-group over. They are having break-fast downstairs. It smells pancakes, and I can hear laughter mixed with different conversations.

But hey there. I just wanted to share some pictures from an evening at Bondi. I deeply regret not bringing my Canon Camera. But Iphone- X pictures are better than no pictures at all. What I have learned is that Australia is so beautiful that i own myself to bring my camera everywhere I go. It will always be something to take a picture of.

We were walking along the beach. With that salty taste in our mouth from swimming in the gigantic Australian waves. Watching people surf, and exhausted joggers run pass us as our feet melted together with the soft sand. These conversations that makes you bond. Conversations about church, God, life, and everything in between.

I am looking at this blog, and thinking that I will love myself for doing this a couple of years from now. It is amazing to have an opportunity to look back at how life was here. How I have grown, and how I will grow on the way. 

Sunset Selfie in Sydney

– Handling pressure – 

Our youth-pastor had the best preach on this subject yesterday in our leaders meeting. And I just got so inspired. So I wanted to share a couple of my personal thoughts around this topic. Let me challenge you on how you see pressure. 

He said something as cool as ; «Pressure is a privilege»

That did really hit me. Because I have never, ever thought of pressure as a privilege. Rather the opposite actually. You know. If you are leading under pressure, you are leading on a high level. When you are put under pressure, you are actually stretching yourself. If you are never put under pressure, you will never grow. I wish someone told me this just a year ago. When I was sitting with all of my school assessments, drowning in how much I had to do in so little time. 

I wish I knew that right there, I was stretched out to handle more of that pressure in the future. Because the last year in high-school might feel like the most stressing time ever. But dear 18-year-old-Victoria; it will get worse. It really will. So learning to handle those seasons are so extremely important and such a privilege. 

Just remember that. Pressure is not a bad thing. Stress is not a bad thing. The truth is that it is all part of our lives, and we can not avoid it. It all comes down to how you handle it. How do you let it shape you?

Will you let the stressed times upset you, or will you find a way to get through that season to grow?

I do not know about you. But I do not want to live a comfortable life where I am never challenged, never stressed and never pressured. I want to grow and change into a better version of myself every single day.

So, hey. Do you feel stressed? Do you feel pressured? Good. Treasure this season. You are about to grow. 


Mondays exist to tell about part 2

Beautiful Sydney. Darling Harbour

The kind of rain that specifically belongs to Mondays, is splashing with the sound of drumsticks on our roof. I jump down from the second floor of the bunk bed to grab my phone that is charging somewhere on the carpet floor. 9am. That is not ok. I was planning on sleeping until 1 pm today, and catch up every minute of lost sleep. Well. What can I say. My head aches.

«The conference hangover» is real (given that I am talking about an alcohol-free conference, this is a classical wannabe- funny- statement. Please laugh just to be kind.Anyways. ) Looong days, and all the impressions and experiences … Last monday I felt like I was shot in pieces and put into the washingaching for a centrifuge program. But I served last weekend. This one I sat in. So I did not at all feel as tired this Monday morning. Sleepy, but fine. I almost have the rest of the week off as well. So it is all worth it. Big time.

I always regret not writing in the moment. Why do I never learn?

«Suddenly I don’t even remember  what I did five minutes ago. But I am just sitting in the most comfortable sofa on this side of equator. A white furry pillow supports my back. I Have just had a shower and put a couple of clothes in my washing machine, made a good breakfast. Kesha and I are leaving for the shopping mall in a couple of minutes. I need to to my brows. It is just so long ago now. And I need to buy some products for my poor devastated hair. A few of the food products are cheaper in the mall as well.»

-Let’s go shopping –

Behind me it says «You look beautiful» That is my Monday message to you!
My girls. From the left: Me. Mille. Gabby. Karlie.
The secret garden Pop-up store

The sound of different voices, screaming babies, music and dishwashing flows around me. Three bags rest beside me. «Someone please tell me when, during this journey of life, did spending money start to hurt?» I am literally feeling physically pain in my heart. My brows looked so bad. Honestly. Some self treatment is necessary. Even as a student on the other side of the earth. And my hair is so damaged by all this bleaching of mine. 

#Life-lesson- learned.

Never colour you natural platina blonde hair black…

It needs some good treatment. I can’t not buy food. In other words «money flew in every direction this morning.» I guess I need to have a coffe-spending-stop again. It’s at least one way to save money. What an expert shopper I am. Ylva didn’t even believe me when I told her I haven’t bought more than one piece of clothes since I came. Student life is hard. Not because it really is. My parent are to nice. But it feels bad knowing they spend to much money on me here. He.. the struggles of life. Time to grow up.

Budgeting people. Be good at it early. That is my best advice.

Enough talking 

Our beautiful pastor Bobbie Houston

Conference part 2 // For those of you that are a bit into the Christian world. You might have heard of preachers as Christine Caine and Lisa Harper, and of course our own dear pastor Bobbie Houston. If not. Check them out on YouTube. They are amazing. This was amazing. Even more than conference 1, just because I got to experience it all.

To sit in a conference is quite different than serving. It is awesome to “Experience the room” Everything in a girly conference as this is just so girly. I LOVE IT. All these amazing women together to praise Jesus.

It was all so practical and empowering. Sisterhood sessions, girly topics about life. Cool showes with amazing dancers. The amazing Hillsong worship songs. The list goes on.

Let’s not forget the «gifting moment» where we all received a cute little gift.This year it was a handmade soap from Iraq. Who on earth have a soap with the label «made in Iraq?» Sounds boring. But it is not. Not when you know that these soaps are made of women that have fled from ISIS. It is awesome that this gives them an opportunity to earn their own money, and makes it possible for them to stay in their home country, buy food, pay rent, and send their children back to school! Well. I wish you an amazing week dear reader!



A few life lessons learned so far

All those little things I wish somebody told me

a few years ago.
All those things

I need to keep on reminding

myself about ten and
twenty years from now.

A few of those life lessons. 

Do not stress about it

In our western culture we are told to have all of our lives sorted out. We are told to be effective and productive in everything we do. But hey. Every thing is going to be all right. Every little thing. Use your energy on completing the tasks you are given instead of stressing about it. And know that it is totally okey to not have all of your life completely figured out …

Compering yourself with others is just stupid

We do it all the time. But you can never become anyone else than yourself. I know. What a revelation… The problem about comparing is that you are most likely compering the worst parts of yourself with what you consider the best parts of someone else. We are all talented in different ways. We are told that all the time, but it is so hard to live by. Just know that comparing yourself will stop you from being you, and someone might need you to be just you. And why would you want to be anybody else anyways? You are awesome!

Dear to dream

Dream big. You might reach 80 percent of your dream, but if you don’t dream at all, you will complete nothing. Be brave enough to dream.

You will never regret being generous

My biggest goal in 2019 is to be described as generous. And I have realized that the easiest way to be a generous person is to give. Simple as that. Sometimes you need to do the physical changes in life to change your mindset. But hey. Generosity always pays of in unexpected ways.

Expectations leads to disappointment, but they are worth it

People will fail you. If you did not know that yet… Welcome to this place called the world. But what would life be without expectations? Extremely boring! I promise you. It is so much better to expect. Set your expectations high, it is worth it!

Never take the people you love for granted

It sounds horrible, but I think I needed to actually move across the globe to realize that. Because even though I appreciated the people around me, I suddenly got to feel on my skin how it is when your loved one is not there. And it gave me a good realization of how much my family and friends mean to me. Do not take those people for granted. Cherish every moment and remember that you never know when they suddenly walk out of your life. People are with you in different seasons, and believe that the people that are in you life right now are there for a reason.

Never stop taking risks

Dear to do the crazy things. That is the moments you will remember for the rest of your life, right?

To fail is good

You will fail. You will do a lot of mistakes that will knock you down, but just do not let them knock you out! How many mistakes you do does not determine your worth. But how you learn from them will say a lot about your character.

You are more judgmental than you think. Stop that

Life is about loving others. I Since I am at a leadership college we are learning a lot about leading yourself to be able to lead others. A quote I just love …

«If serving is beneath you, then leadership is above you»

I do really believe that we all are called to love one another. And. We are all leaders. Some people are meant to be leaders for a lot of people, others are going to be leaders for their children one day, or for a friend. To be good a leading you need to know the importance of serving. Love the people around you. You will never regret giving love.

Your life is not about you

A smack in the face since I have to live with other girls and share a room? Well. No matter what you live for your life will always play a small role in a bigger picture. Use your life to mean something positive for someone else!


My favorite açai bowl

Açai. Apparently a Brazilian fruit that I have pronounced wrong my entire life.  

Until I heard my room-mate pronounce it as [aˌsaˈi] which is obviously more correct than [aˌkai] as I thought… Anyways. These bowls of açai smoothie are just so good. What is better than to make them on you own at home?

To buy the fresh açai berries in not easy unless you live in Brazil. But here in Australia, you can buy frozen Açai puree. You can also find acai power, and that is good as well. In this recipie you can change the frozen pure block with 2-3 table spoons of açai powder if you want.

The most important thing about the Açai-bowl is that you have to make it your own.

But here is my favorite version of the famous Açai-bowl, so try it out ❤

-My favourite acai bowl-

One block of frozen Açai puree – Some coconut milk – A banana- A peach –

-A good handfull with frozen berries (I used Strawberry. Blueberry. Blackberry and red grapes)-

-A few dashes of some natural sweetening-

– A tablespoon of the best mix between sunflower seeds, and dried berries. (I used goji, cranberry, almonds and coconut flakes)-

Blend it all in a smoothie blender. This is my favourite Acai bowl.


They call it decoration, I call it chaos

Hei der fine leser ❤ 

Julepynt i denne familien kunne  vært tema for en roman alene. Mor og far fascinerte meg meget i år, en av disse første dagene av desember. Plutselig ble huset forvandlet til et stort, glitrende kaos på under et par timer. Noe som liknet uendelige mengder pappesker med glitter og stas befant seg i hele stuen. Nå, noen dager senere henger røde julegardiner litt skjevt i kjøkkenvinduet, juledukene er plassert på bordene, og  hundrevis av nisser har tatt plass i alle kriker og kroker. De kaller det julepynt. Jeg kaller det kaos. Ikke noe system. Ingen matchende fargekombinasjoner. Bare veldig jul.

Jeg vet ikke helt hva det skyldes, men på en eller annen måte har bakken blitt dekket av et hvitt snølag. Jeg krysser fingrene for at det varer til over julaften, til tross for at jeg ikke husker sist det faktisk skjedde.  De fleste julegavene er i boks. 

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Hi there! Christmas decorations in this family could have been the theme of a novel alone. Mom and dad fascinated me this year, one of those first days of December. Suddenly, the house was transformed into a big, sparkling chaos in less than a couple of hours. Something like endless amounts of boxes with glitter filled the entire living room. Now, a few days later, red Christmas curtains cover the kitchen window, and hundreds of mini-santas have taken place in all the corners in this house. They call it Christmas decorations. I call it chaos. No system. No matching color combinations. Just very Christmas ❤ 

I do not quite know what it is due to, but in one way or another the ground has been covered by a white layer of snow. I cross my fingers that it might lasts until Christmas Eve, despite the fact that I do not remember the last thing that actually happened. Most of my Christmas presents are bought by know. 

Jeg har akkurat kommet hjem fra en Sverigetur med Kristin. Det som er fordelen med å dra tidlig, er at du kommer hjem og har hele dagen foran deg. Ulempen er at du føler du må gjøre noe nyttig resten av denne dagen. Fortsette å være produktiv liksom. Det orker jeg egentlig ikke. Derfor er planen å spise vegansk is som dagens litt sene frokost, finne frem dynen og kose-sokkene, og se ferdig et par serier på Netflix.  God førjulstid videre, fine leser.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I have just returned from shopping in Sweden with Kristin. What is the benefit of driving early is that you come home and have the whole day in front of you. The downside is that you feel you must do something useful the rest of this day. Continue to be productive, you know.  Instead, my plan is to eat vegan ice cream as the day’s late breakfast, find a carpet,  and finish a few series on Netflix. A with you a happy pre-christmas time, dearest you 🙂


The underestimated sound of people


Lyden av stemmer teiper seg sammen i en konstant bakgrunnssus.

Alle disse bølgene av samtaler, som hodet mitt velger å tolke som en enkel tone. Alle disse ordene, og stemningene de formidler. Denne monotone lyden er rett og slett en genial musikk, som jeg på en eller annen måte klarer å konsentrere meg til. Det er fascinerende. Vakkert egentlig. Fascinerende og interessant at jeg den siste uken har kommet lenger med denne studeringen min enn jeg har i løpet av de siste to månedene. Det er vel sånn at noe blir mer spennende ettersom du forstår mer. Ikke bare forstår jeg mer. Jeg blir sittende med en uforklarlig mestringsfølelse, og denne fikse ideen om at jeg faktisk er ganske intelligent.

Intelligent nok til å lære meg dette, og med disse tankene sniker også skolelysten seg på. Graver seg frem i hjertet.  Jeg har lyst til å lese. Jeg har lyst til å lære. Jeg kan med hånden på hjertet si dette for første gang på omtrent fire år. Det kommer så overraskende på meg at jeg nesten ikke skjønner hvor det kommer fra en gang. Ikke visste jeg at dette var mulig heller. Jeg antar, og konkluderer med at det også har en forklaring i at jeg for første gang på disse fire årene studerer noe uten at jeg skal bli vurdert i det. Eller. Jeg blir jo vurdert. Men jeg trenger bare å bestå. Det er målet mitt. Ikke å få A. Bare få nok poeng til å få bestått. Det skal jeg klare, og det holder.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


The sound of voices tears together in a constant background sound.

All these waves of conversations, which my head chooses to interpret as one simple tone. All these words, and the moods they convey. This monotone sound is simply an ingenious music, which I somehow manage to concentrate to. It’s fascinating. Beautiful, really. Fascinating and interesting that I have gone further this month than I have in the past two months with my studies. It’s good that something gets more exciting as you understand more. Not only do I understand more. I’m getting this crazy idea that I’m actually quite intelligent.

Intelligent enough to learn this. I want to read. I want to learn. I can say this for the first time in about four years. It’s so surprising to me that I almost do not even understand where it comes from. I did not know that this was possible either. I assume, and conclude  that it has something to do with the fact that I am studying without being concerned about my grades. I just need to pass. That’s my goal. Not to get an A. Just get enough points to pass. I can do this!


Det er forresten mulig at jeg har funnet en verdig teori på mitt store spørsmål om hvorfor jeg blir så mye mer kreativ så fort jeg forlater husets fire vegger. I følge David Hume er det så enkelt som at sanseinntrykkene jeg møter skaper nye ideer. Disse ideene  skaper igjen såkalte refleksjonsinntrykk basert på hverandre. Til sammen er det skapt noen helt egne og nye ideer. Også kjent som tanker, refleksjoner eller hva enn du måtte kalle det. Sanseinntrykk som altså skaper noe nytt i krasj med hverandre.

Det er litt logisk for meg. Til tross for at teoriene hans kanskje feiler på noen punkter ifølge disse ekspertene. De gjør meg forundret. Forundret over at noen i det hele tatt har tenkt nok på dette fenomenet til å skape en teori rundt det.

Slike tenkere altså. Kan jeg snart kategorisere meg selv som en av dem? 

Idet mørket møter skotuppen min innser jeg forresten at jeg har blitt et av disse irriterende cafémenneskene. Ikke en sånn en som jeg skrev om sist, men den typen som sitter der lenge etter at kaffekoppen er konsumert. Lenge. Mye lenger. Det til tross for at det er så stappfullt i rommet at nye kunder ikke får sitteplass.  Likevel har jeg ikke et snev av dårlig samvittighet. Denne Cafeen har blitt mitt lille bibliotek. Jeg konsentrerer meg så mye bedre blant alle disse menneskene. Med dette innser jeg også at jeg åpenbart har nådd et nytt nivå av selvutvikling, etter at jeg nå faktisk klarer å stenge alt annet ute fremfor å leve meg inn i alle disse samtalene.

Men vet du hva som er så kult? Nå begynner jeg også å innse hvorfor. Simpelthen fordi det i absolutt stillhet gir meg friheten til å tenke på alt mulig annnet enn det jeg leser. Mellom alle disse samtalene blir jeg derimot nødt til å fokusere for å få med meg noe som helst.



• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


By the way. I think I have found a worthy theory on my big question about why I get so much more creative as soon as I leave the four walls of my house. According to David Hume, it is so simple that the sensory impressions I face creates new ideas. These ideas create so-called reflection impressions based on each other. Together, some new ideas have been created. Also known as thoughts, reflections or whatever you might call it. In other words these sensory impressions create something new in crash with each other.

It’s a little logical to me. Despite the fact that his theories may fail on some points according to these experts. They make me amazed. Surprised that someone at all has thought enought about this phenomenon to create a theory around it.

These thinkers … Can I categorize myself as one of them?

By the way, as darkness meets with my shoes, I realize that I have become one of these annoying café people (Norwegian translation only). Not the way I wrote about the last time, but the type that stays there long after the coffee cup is consumed. Much longer. Even though it is so packed with people in the room that new customers can not get seats. Still, I do not have a hint of bad conscience. This café has become my library. I concentrate so much better among all these people. I have obviously reached a new level of self-development, after I have actually started to forget every single sound around me,  rather than listen to all of these conversations.

But do you know what? Now I think I realize why. Why I like studying with all these people around me. The answer is simply because absolute silence gives me the freedom to think of everything else than what I read. However, between all of these conversations I have to focus on understanding the words I am actually reading.



Hvorfor etterlot du flere spørsmål enn svar?

Jeg står med føttene plasser på svalberg. Blikket mitt speider utover havet. Det er så blått i dag. Blåere enn det pleier. Hvorfor satt jeg ikke håret i hestehale? Jeg gjør jo alltid det, men i dag lot jeg det bare falle naturlig nedover sånn det er. Som bustete spaghetti som dekker øynene mine så jeg ikke ser. Men gjør det egentlig noe at jeg ikke ser? Øynene mine er tåkete av tårer uansett. Tårer som renner nedover kinnene mine. Salte tårer

Neida. Jeg gråter ikke. Rister like godt litt på hodet, og gnir det ihjelfargede håret vekk fra øynene mine. Jeg syntes bare det hørte med i denne historien. At jeg gråt altså. For om det hadde vært en Hollywood film dette her, da hadde jeg grått. Sånn stille og estetisk. Ikke hulkende, og gryntende. Typen med snøfting lik en gris som har satt en tulipan i halsen. (Sånn jeg egentlig pleier.)

Men jeg er tom for tårer.

Skal ikke tiden lege alle sår? Hvorfor føles det da som i går? I går at du rev hjertet mitt ut, og kastet det på asfalten … Lot det ligge der, og sprute blod i alle retninger mens jeg stod og så på meg selv blø i hjel, uten å kunne gjøre noe?

Jeg har ikke et eneste bevis på tiden vår sammen. Ikke et bilde. Ikke en video. Ikke et skriftlig referat. Alt er slettet. Alle våre år sammen kunne like godt vært oppspinn.

For jeg har unngått deg, og latt deg ligge der på skrivebordet alene. Har vært med andre. Gjort en iherdig innsats for å tenke på noen andre enn deg, og gråte over noen andre enn deg. Gjort meg selv opptatt med andre ting. Prøvd å få nye venner. Nye hobbyer. ( I alle fall så godt det lar seg gjøre på under en uke)

Hvorfor klarer jeg ikke å slippe deg når du vil det, og jeg vil det? Hvorfor etterlater du deg så mange flere spørsmål enn svar?

Alt med deg er vanskelig. Å snakke om deg. Å tenke på deg. Å se deg. Å vite at du ikke elsker meg nok til å unngå å dø … da jeg sølte Pepsi Max på deg.

For ærlig.

Det er nesten noe du må tåle når du er mac-en min. Det følger med. Hvor idiotisk er det ikke at de ikke er vanntette disse Mac-ene?

Hvordan skal jeg klare meg nå? Min kjære MacBook Air, Anno 2012. Vel. Selv om livet mitt er en levende klisjé, tror jeg ikke at jeg kommer meg helt over deg før jeg har fått meg en ny. Så. Jeg tror jeg turer bort på Elkjøp først som sist. Løser nok problemet det. Hvorfor må de være så dyre da, disse Mac-ene?




IMG_8517//Jeg spaserer rundt og er hobbyfotograf om dagen. Da kan plutselig selv en kvist bli veldig fin og verdt nærmere studering. 

Jeg må bare si én ting…

INGEN liker å ta oppvasken. Det er noe alle misliker sterkt, og det er en regel. En inngravert regel. Uten unntak. 

Du vil alltids møte på de menneskene som tørr å være dumme nok til påstå noe annet. Det er idiotisk. En hver løgndetektor hadde motvbevist det. Men det finnest visst de menneskene som mener at det å sette oppvask inn i oppvaskmaskin er minimalt med arbeid. Sånne mennesker er for eksempel bestevenninnen min – Ylva. Hun kjøpte nemlig oppvaskmasin en gang i fjor. Før det hadde de tatt oppvasken for hånd i alle år i det huset der. Neida de er ikke helt gærne. Men det som fascinerer meg er måten hun anser oppvask i 2018 som mindre arbeid enn nordmenn flest. Etter å ha tatt så mye oppvask for hånd som det Ylva har,  er plutselig oppvaskmasin kjempe luksus. Ikke en selfølge, men rett og slett noe som gjør oppvask minimalt problematisk

Jeg derimot. Jeg har hatt oppvaskmasin hele livet. Men i dette huset setter vi ikke noe som helst inn i den oppvaskmasinen før hele vasken er overfull, og det brått MÅ settes inn i oppvaskmasinen.

Ja. Oppvaskmaskiner. Oppvask. Det er det jeg tenker på nå. Jeg har akkuat tatt oppvasken, og ryddet kjøkkenet. Det var det jeg fant ut at jeg måtte gjøre klokken halv ti på kvelden. Det stoppet meg ikke at jeg dro hjemmefra litt før 07.00 og har jobbet i over 12 timer til sammen i dag – og skal gjøre det samme i morgen.


Det er ikke det at jeg ikke tåler rot eller noe. Tvert i mot… Men når jeg er sliten går jeg inn i en modus som gjør at jeg ikke klarer å tenke. Litt sånn zoombie tilværelse. Det som er veldig interessant med denne tilstanden, er at jeg gjør så mye rart. Som å ta oppvasken for eksempel. Normale mennesker legger seg liksom ned, og sover og sånn. Jeg går derimot inn i en eller annen autopilot som kan finne på å gjøre hva som helst. Noen ganger vasker jeg, andre får jeg en fiks idé om at jeg skal bake en kake eller tegne en blomst. Selv de gangene jeg kommer hjem midt på natten kan jeg finne på å gjøre sånne rare ting. I dag var jeg i denne autopilotfasen da jeg ble ringt og spurt om ikke jeg kunne jobbe litt mer i morgen også. SÅ til tross for at hodet mitt fysisk beveget seg fra side til side, sånn det vanligvis gjør når man sier nei – hørte jeg meg selv formulere et ja. Vel, vel. Antakelig en underbevissthet som slo til fordi jeg vet at pengene kommer godt med.

Jeg har rett og slett innsett at jeg er sliten i faser. Og dette er en av de siste fasene før koma.

Jeg skal jammen ta meg tid til å beskrive dem nærmere for dere en annen gang. Men jeg skal jo tross alt tidlig opp i morgen. SÅ jeg bør kanskje sove litt nå.

Ønsker deg en god fredagskveld videre kjære leser ♥



Avskjed og solnedgang

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«Jeg klør litt i nesa egentlig. Tror kanskje at det har fått noe brunkrem inni der. Men jeg har liksom ikke så mye tid til å gjøre noe med det nå. Også er jeg litt redd for å gni vekk all sminken om jeg begynner å røre borti der. SÅ jeg får vel bare sitte her og irritere meg over at det svir i nesa. Jeg får kanskje prøve å tenke på noe annet»

Vi står på farten. Planen er å samle sammen en liten gjeng og ha avskjedsfest for Asta. Hun kom en tur til meg i gårkveld, og overnattet til i dag – som er den aller siste dagen før hun flytter til engelsktalende strøk. Vi tok en tur ned på stranden, og Asta tok et lite kveldsbad med klærne på bare fordi det var sommerens sitste mulighet. Siste mulighet i Norge. For i år da. Jeg syntest det var iskaldt å dyppe storetåa nedi det klare vannet, så det holdt i massevis for meg. Men det er faktisk 17 grader fremdeles, påstod en nabo som var ute å fisket sånn på kvelden. Med andre ord holder temperaturen seg ganske godt!

Siden dagen min har vært under gjennomsnittelig interessant, blir det mest bilder i dag – til en forandring. Eller. Det er helt feil. En dag i helsesektoren er aldri kjedelig. Men så har jeg jo taushetsplikt som forhindrer meg å fortelle noe om det. Så du får heller se på solskinnssiden av livet, som jeg så fint fanget med mitt kjære speilreflekskamera i går. Her kommer et lite bildedryss altså –  denne torsdagen i september. Ønsker deg en fin kveld videre kjære du ♥

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